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We love to share uplifting music and hope you will feel the peace of Christ in our 2020 musical offerings below.

2020 Wilding Slideshow

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Christmas Ornaments

Shaleen enjoyed writing an Easter song about Jesus Christ as Covid-19 came upon us.

                                         Click for

Slideshow               Heidi singing               Sheet music

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A Primary song Shaleen finished this year about the prophets in the Book of Mormon and how we
can each be a hero!!
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Click here for ALL the verses:

Shaleen does not claim to be a singer - this is only to click on if you're desperate to hear "Living in the Light"...;)

Click here for a Mother's Day 2020 Video Kaely and our kiddos put together for Shaleen!

Mothers Day Song Pic.png
Christmas Tree Ornament

A few more Christmas Songs from this year and years past

Follow His Star written by Shaleen Wilding, Sung by Paul Wilding

I Was Not His Father, He Was Mine by Michael Mclean, Sung by Joseph Wilding

I Shall Know Him by Douglas E. Wagner, Sung by Wildings

When Mary Sang Her Lullaby by Sally deFord, Sung by Wildings

Santa Claus is Coming to Town    Sung by the Wildings

Merry Christmas

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