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Nature EmpowersdōTerra Homemade

Finding a Natural Solution at Every Turn

You may have met one of us at a booth

or you were referred here to connect with that friend

We'd love to help you with more wellness information.

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Meet The Team


Shaleen Wilding * Shaleen Wilding has been sharing doTerra for over

nine years.  Her desire is to help people on their own healthy and natural

journey!  Now that her large family is grown, she’s focused on detoxifying

her family’s life and helping others to do the same.  She would love to get together and find some Natural Solutions for you!                                         512-745-5319


John & LeeAnn Leavitt * LeeAnn Leavitt is a nutritionist that advocates for health and empowering people to live to the fullest with natural solutions.  Whether through cleaning, kids or pets, LeeAnn uses oils in every facet of her life! Dr. John is a PhD Clinical Molecular Biologist working in Public Health. He is passionate about doTERRA's essential oils and has seen the scientific evidence to prove they are the next big thing in healthcare. He is a competitive weightlifter and uses doTERRA's oils and supplements to fuel his athletic performance and recovery. They love meeting new friends and fostering a community of families to develop healthy habits to live their best lives!


Patti Kent * Patti Kent has been using the principles of natural healing and nutrition in her roles as a wife and mother of 3 children for 30 years.  For the last 6 and a half years she's used DoTerra essential oils to support her 2 youngest boys with their Spectrum learning needs.  Patti has taught targeted symptom relief through essential oil applications to teachers, counselors, medical professionals, and many others.  She is available to speak to groups and businesses from natural healers to real estate professionals.            512-466-7537

Rhonda Williams * Rhonda Williams is a mother of three and a grandmother of 5. She and her husband began using doTERRA and it quickly changed their lives. Now Rhonda wants to share the way doTERRA’s pure essential oils can change everyone’s life. 


Klevelin Wilbanks * Klevelin is very excited to get to know you and help you heal through the power of essential oils as she's learned  doTerra’s products are absolutely life changing.  She used them during the last month of her pregnancy, to induce labor (her daughter was almost two weeks overdue).  She uses them every day to help with anxiety, motivation, helping her baby sleep and her husband with his body aches caused by work.  She also enjoys using oils in her water knowing they are safe and tasty!  She looks forward to getting to know you!


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