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Meet Your Wellness Advocate

Shaleen's Story



I'm a doTerra Wellness Advocate who is passionate

about sharing my natural lifestyle.

I share this picture with you because my family is my life. And yes, we're a little nutty. Like you, I want to do what's best for my family. My only wish is that I found doTerra and essential oils when these children were younger.

Box Family Silly.png

When I joined doTerra I was just wanting a natural answer for a few ailments. A week later with daughters' menstrual cramps, a grandma's toothache and some light pain having quickly diminished,

I knew there was something to these oils.  

Years later with my allergies completely under control, many pain and skin issues taken care of and solid sleep a daily occurrence....well, I can't stop sharing. Those who know me understand when I find something that really works, I become passionate and want to share.

This turned into a business I love. It's not even selling, though it is

It's sharing....sharing the natural journey I'm on

and hoping  you'll join in with me...;)


What you get when you join doTerra

with Shaleen

Nature Empowers Team

1 hour Wellness Consult

with Shaleen as your EO Mentor

Unlimited Email Support

Free Oils (doTerra's Monthly Promotions)

Quick Reference A-Z Guide (pdf)

Facebook Education & Support


Continuing Education

with Weekly Classes

Access to

roll-ons, sprays, books at cost

And many, many more cool bonuses

for being on the

Nature Empowers Team!

Shaleen Wilding

Schedule A Consult >


When you're ready for a FREE

30-minute consult, send me a text

(512)  745 - 5319

This is what I love to do!

I truly believe Nature Empowers us.

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